America 's Largest Homeless Youth Agency Essay

1004 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Last week, Michele Anderson from Covenant House Toronto gave us a presentation about her work at the organization in regards to sex trafficking and exploitation. Covenant house is Canada’s largest homeless youth agency that helps 3000 young people annually (Anderson, 2016). They provide a 24/7 crisis shelter, transitional houses and many other services (Anderson, 2016). Much of their work focuses on sex trafficking victims, and providing services to them (Anderson, 2016). One of the services that they provide that Michele discussed was crisis beds, which are only designated for sex trafficking victims that are making an effort to leave the situations that they are currently in (Anderson, 2016). Michele, also discussed a case involving two girls that she is currently working with who were victims of sex trafficking. Michele’s research resides in the rehabilitation of sexually exploited persons. She used a victim-centered approach in her presentation in addressing how victims not only supported within the system, but also the avenues employed to navigate the system.

Michele, presented a situation that she is currently working in reference to two young girls that were victims of sex trafficking whom she is helping, this added context to her presentation, and gave us a real-life insight into the world of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and the hardships of prosecution. The advantages to the victim-based approach that Michele uses, is that victims are given support and…

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