America 's Lack Of Global Issues And International News Essay

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The American news spends a lot of time discussing the events that take place Iran, Syria, Eqypt, England, and a few others. Some countries are not a majorly discussed country in the news in the United States. There are several others that could be mentioned more, as well. Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, and Sweden are just a few that we rarely hear anything about in our media. American news networks seem to only discuss a fraction of countries that make up the world. Unless there is a major natural disaster or news event that takes place or if their country can draw in viewers for entertainment, our news channels aren’t necessarily interested.
Lisa Wade, PHD says “Americans are notorious for their ignorance of global issues and international news. This may be because Americans aren’t interested or it may be that our news outlets feed us fluff and focus us only on the U.S”. She also mentions that this is probably due to both of these things rotating between each other. (Society Pages) Wade gives specific examples of how our Time magazine cover was completely dumbed down for mass consumption on a national level. Meanwhile the rest of the global community could handle the more serious subject matter and had the same cover with a real news story.
American news reporting definitely adheres to the “tragic death” concept. (Lecture Notes) It isn’t that all deaths aren’t horrific it is that one specific situation that the journalists know the whole…

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