America 's Just Take Away Their Guns By James Q. Wilson Essay

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In James Q. Wilson’s Just Take Away Their Guns, Wilson has fairly liberal views on guns, gun owners, and their respective rights, but Wilson also has a radical solution for gun-related crimes. Wilson boasts an increase in frisks as a better way to control the amount of guns on the streets illegally than the already instituted paperwork and background checks required to legally purchase and own a firearm. He also argues that blame and ill will should not be upon legal firearm owners and that it is not feasible to confiscate legal guns in an effort to reduce the circulation of illegal guns. While I do believe that “our goal should not be the disarming of law-abiding citizens,” and that there should be an extent of gun control in the United States, the real problem is the amount of violent crimes involving guns and the state of mental health awareness in the US; an increase in frisking is not the solution (Wilson 126). Instead of depriving a citizen of the right to own a firearm for safety, or the right to “[no] unreasonable searches and seizures” by funneling unnecessary money into “gun control”, there should be more money put towards researching mental health and its relation to violent gun crimes, and aiding the country’s mental health (Wilson 126). The US has a poor handle on the mental health of its citizens with little to no regulation in the handling of psychotic or otherwise mentally unstable citizens; in addition to little regulation, there is a lack of institutions…

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