America 's Jazz Age : How The Music Started A Movement Essay

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America’s Jazz Age:
How the Music started a Movement In the wake of the resolution of World War I, the American people began to work to improve both the public morale and the economy. One main transformation during the early 1920s was the growth in the music industry, in particular, jazz. The onset of the jazz age was a dynamic and controversial movement in American culture, a turning point for racial and sexual relations, and a pivotal moment in the development of technology, which changed the method in which music was listened and consumed. As with any major change throughout history, it was very controversial and met with constant resistance from Americans with more traditional ways of life.
Jazz music provided a common interest for a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, bridging racial gaps. For example, in the Spring of 1885 at the International Cotton exposition at New Orleans, Charles Dudley Warner reflects on the scene saying “white and colored people mingled freely...talking and looking at what was of common interest… in unconscious equality of privileges” (Ward 16). While reflecting on the perceived shift in gender equality, the reality is the process took another 60 years and an immense amount of strife to attain a semblance of “equality of privileges”. While many of the pioneers of jazz music were African American, their talent alone wasn’t enough to guarantee their success or lifestyle, “in a world run by whites, a black man, no matter how gifted he…

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