America 's Influence On Native American Cultures Essay

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When the Europeans came to the Americas they left a profound impact on Native American cultures. The reciprocal of that is how the Europeans were also affected by this colliding of cultures. All though the Europeans culture effected the Native American culture in a mostly harmful, and negative way. I believe it was for the greater good, and the establishment of this nation.
The Europeans stumbled across the America’s in search for a quicker passage to India, their interests quickly changed into greed. In the words of Hernan Cortez “we Spanish suffer from a strange disease of the heart, for which the only know remedy is gold”. This quote aptly applies to all the early European nations that came to the Americas, for they all sought wealth and prosperity in some form or fashion. With this in mind it’s easy to see why the early Europeans went about decimating and subjugating the Native Americans. Once the Europeans realized how fertile and bountiful the lands where they then set about claiming land that once belonged to the Native Americans. Those Native Americans that were not killed for their land where enslaved or turned into refugees. Though most of the Native Americans did not give up their land without a fight they soon lost because of disease and the European’s superior firepower. It’s hard to fathom but those “old world” diseases ravaged the Native American population causing some cultures to be wiped out completely. Now that’s not to say some people didn’t…

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