America 's Influence On American Culture Essay

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In the first comic, it depicts a family whom has recently went on a trip around the world, each commenting on the items they bought during their travels, which are all buyable in North America and how they’re so proud of buying ‘foreign’ objects overseas, despite the fact that I noted early about the products all being commonplace in North America. The title which says ‘The Problems of Globalization’ also helps illustrate this. This satirical piece reveals how, due to North America’s influence over media, products, and the amount of stores that are overseas originating from North America, how a majority of merchandise that may seem ‘special’ due to being bought overseas are far from that. The comic also spreads light on just how many companies that has origins from America have spread to surrounding cultures, countries etc. and how pivotal American culture is on the world. I believe an advocate for this source would be Kim Jong un due to both his views on American culture and how he has employed strict regulations of what comes and goes through his country and what his citizens are allowed to watch, read, view etc. and a majority of the content that is restricted is of American origin. Another advocate would be the Bloc Québécois party due to their ideals and goals, many of which include an extreme preservation of French and Quebec culture as well as Quebec sovereignty, a step that has potential to spiral off into isolation from outside influences; an action that BQ seems to…

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