America 's Industrial Expansion During The Nineteenth Century

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America’s industrial expansion in the late nineteenth century was part of a new economy for the country and the rapid urbanization. Many conditions and factors were part of a remarkable growth and the industrial supremacy. Since nineteenth century the industry built a manufacturing economy and a growing size of cities becoming an urban nation. However, the rapid urbanization, the respond of the government, and the accelerated industrialization transformed the society and the culture. Did the industrialization bring progress and pain to late nineteenth century America and help to develop a new economic order to the country? The consequences of industrial capitalism and how workers responded to the expansion of industrialization and the new industrial economy along with the nation’s society and culture can be described by the technology changes, immigration and Labor Unions. In the nineteenth century, American industry was truly born with the rise of technology changes building a strong manufactory economy and the improve of many American’s lives. Many factors, such as, new industry technologies, the discover of new materials, changes in the techniques of production, and new forms of corporate organization, contributed to the growth of American Industry. Technology was developed by the use of communications in 1866 and the first commercial telephone by Alexander Graham. Other inventions were part of the enlarge technology in the United States, and one…

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