Essay about America 's Ideas Of Social Status

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As America was colonized, it became a very diverse place. People from many different countries in Europe moved to the new world for various reasons, from wanting a better life to escaping undesirable conditions in Europe. Not only were many different ethnicities present in the American colonies, but many different types of people also migrated to the new world, from undesirables, to slaves and indentured servants, to common people. America’s ideas of social status were also different compared to their original European home. This created a diverse country with its own ideas about way of life, different from other countries across the Atlantic.
Some of the first people brought to America were referred to as Europe’s “scum of the earth”. These included vagabonds, prostitutes, criminals, the poor, and other undesirables. They were sent to America because some London prisons especially were overflowing. Europeans thought that by sending undesirables to the new world, they would separate them from the environment that made them commit crimes, and thus make them more likely to become productive citizens. The new world also provided new opportunities for these people to turn their lives around and better themselves. Indentured servants also came over to America, and after serving their term, made new lives for themselves in the new world. Others came to the new world on their own free will and started farms and successful businesses. All of these people worked together in cities,…

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