America 's Human Trafficking Illegal Essay examples

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History repeats itself, back in the 1800;s slavery was a big part of the americans way of life and now two hundred years later slavery 2.0 is growing faster than ever.

In 2015 the world still isn 't as perfect as predicted many years ago, there are still many problems that challenge the human race but more specifically slavery. Yes slavery is still an issue but now its more commonly known as human trafficking. Human trafficking is the kidnapping of women to be prostitutes. Many sick individuals will pay high amounts of money to have sex with virgins, young beautiful women, or women from other countries. Almost every country is involved with trafficking with either buying or selling women. Victims come from all over the world if there is any sort of demand for a certain type of women then no doubt kidnappers will fill it. Governments need to come together to find a way to stop those involved with human trafficking even though some countries already have laws against it, For example “America made human trafficking illegal in 2000” (the economist). Human trafficking is a fast moving business that does not stay at one location for long making it hard to be tracked or caught by authorities. There are organizations to help those in need, but finding locations and other helpful information can be difficult. Just like any other form of abuse, the government has come up with signs for others to spot victims. With the victims being help on a tight leash by their “Owners” it’s…

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