America 's High Speed Rail Network : A Huge Problem For China

926 Words Jan 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Reagan Wintle
G2 Modern China
Mr. Cote Newly built cities that are void of life have become a huge problem for China. Not only have these cities neglected to bring any newcomers, but China continues to build them. It is important to understand why they continue to build these cities. It is also important to learn the short and long term effects on China, and the impact it has not only on China, but the rest of the world. Many projects, including the nation 's high-speed rail network, have had big benefits. But in the city of Luliang they have built many things to boost GDP, but have found some are having the opposite effect and dragging growth down. For example, a $160 million airport built just to raise the revenue of the country, but no one agreed to land there, getting at most five flights a day, and at least three. Another is Luliang 's new "Liquor City,” a gigantic complex of ancient-style Chinese pavilions covering an area the size of several football stadiums, surrounded by a, life-size replica of the Great Wall, that lays unfinished, is a factory that is supposed to pump out tons of high-priced liquor called Baijiu. It looks more like an abandoned movie set due to the project funded largely by coal revenues, which collapsed with the drop in global prices. Hundreds of new cities in China are largely empty. Yet more cities are still being built in the country. All in hopes that one day, these cities will be filled. Many developers…

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