Essay on America 's Healthcare System Of The United States

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America, land of the free, home of the brave, and the best country in the world, but not perfect. The United States is a country that stands on freedom and the protection of human rights. However, America’s healthcare system contains many ethical issues that the country has yet to completely resolve. But when did things become so corrupt and fueled by financial greed? Just like any other country, the purpose of the healthcare system is to provide every citizen with quality medical treatment when needed. Logically, there should not be any stipulations when a human’s life is being compromised, but perhaps America had a different connotation of morality. In the United States, health insurance is the golden ticket to medical treatment. It is a citizen’s insurance plan that dictates their access to medical treatment, regardless of the severity of their illness. But this requirement is not the only problem; one must be able to afford insurance after being approved. Therefore, health insurance is not only expensive, but not attainable for all. Back in 2007, Michael Moore took the initiative and exposed the truth behind America’s healthcare system with a heart-wrenching documentary called Sicko. This movie revealed the harsh reality of how this country treats its own citizens. Amongst a list of problems, some stood out the most. Nearly 50 million Americans are uninsured with one of those reasons being pre-existing conditions.
Michael Bihari (2014) explains:
A pre-existing…

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