America 's Freedom Of Speech Essays

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Our founding fathers thought highly of the idea of freedom of speech. They make it the first amendment. Why do we value this amendment? What is exactly freedom of speech and are we, as Americans, truly free to say what we want? What are the limitations if we do not have true freedom? Even though, we value freedom of speech for four main reasons, it is up to us how far should our freedom should extend and that there are a few limitations to our right to freedom of speech. Americans have appreciated the freedom of speech, since the founding fathers started this great nation. The United States, being a democracy, is a government where the people influence how the nation is run. You cannot expect to run a country when the voices of the people to not be heard or restricted, there would be no democracy if that were to happen. There are four main points why the founding fathers thought so greatly of the importance of freedom of speech: informed citizenry, regulator of the government, voice for the minority, and the preservation of the truth. By having informed citizens there is a less chance that the government can manipulate the people. Having the freedom to voice our opinions about the government makes the government accountable for its actions and gives us the power to regulate it. Giving voice to the minority helps control censorship. Preservation of the truth gives helps us to discover things and change the ideals we once had. Ideally, the right of freedom…

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