America 's Freedom And Liberty Essay

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Liberty is a term used to refer to the freedom an individual has over every form of activities they undertake in their surrounding while ensuring that they do not violate on their neighbors’ rights. Every citizen in a given country is mandated to ensure that in as much as they possess liberty; they should not break the laws set by the government to govern the communities. The United States of America has come a long way as far as people’s freedom and liberty is concerned. It is one country well known to have had a great history of people’s liberty being interfered with while others having a full enjoyment of the same liberty. This can be dated back all the way from the colonial periods when there used to be a lot of slave trade going on in the US.
In the early days just before the country gained its independence, liberty in the US was only enjoyed by a few people from some common group, for example, the religious leaders had the opportunity to enjoy freedom at the expense of other citizens who, some were black Americans. It is also clear from the readings that this liberty that was enjoyed by the chosen few was majorly from North America where there was a diversity of races thereby causing, even more problems as the Africans who had occupied the place earlier had a lot of influence on the culture within North America. This brought in a lot of trouble especially due to the fact that these Africans had to be oppressed at the expense of the other Americans. A lot of slavery…

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