America 's Free And The Home Of The Brave Essays

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America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Worldwide we are known for the opportunities that lies at our shores along with our great rates of pursuing the pleasures that allows us to be happy. Our country is one of the few that people fled to with nothing but a dream and hope searching for a chance at starting anew. America provides that security of a chance so our ancestors risked it all in turn allowing us to start off a little easier than the journey in which they endured. As an American the typical ideal dream is freedom, opportunity, and equality. Our America was not built to be an egalitarian society.

Many say that America is the best in the country in the world which is a statement I wouldn’t disagree upon. America is the fourth- largest in area and third-largest in population when compared to that of India, Brazil, Canada, China, and Russia. Within this land lies approximately 324,804,444 diverse people with different thoughts, values and goals; this alone underlays why we are so successful. Our land holds many different variety of people and in view of this, competitions in jobs are built up to increase hard work ethics and get ahead in life. Coming to America receiving free education for its inhabitants was like being given a map to help guide your path. This gave the new incomers something to grasp unto and be able to advance in this world. Above all else America 's isolation between two oceans has allowed us to guard what is truly ours and…

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