America 's First World War II Essay

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The United States did all in its power to stay out of World War II. There was even a committee of nearly 800,000 anti-war activists to attempt to keep the United States out of the second world war. This committee was known as America’s First Committee (A.F.C). Franklin D. Roosevelt even passed acts such as the Neutrality Acts, then added the Cash and Carry Act along with the Lend and Lease Act. These Acts assured that the United States would stay out of any war. While still being able to assist our allies in the war. But these acts were suddenly broken once Japan attacked Pearl Harbor killing almost 2,500 American soldiers and wounding over 1,000. After this attack on Pearl Harbor the A.F.C dissolved and urged its followers to support the war efforts. Three days after the attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt got permission to declare war on Japan. This declaration of war lead to Germany and Italy to then also declare war on the United States three days later. This was done because Germany and Italy backed Japan at the time. September 1, 1939 launched the start of World War II. Although this war was devastating, it was also necessary for other positive events to take place. Although most of American families believed that the involvement in World War II was going to bring back the dreadful memories of The Great Depression due to the fact that they believed the government would stop the employing of soldiers and arms factory workers, because both their income and…

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