America 's First Literacy Test For Voting

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According to the article The Architect Matthew Dowd states, that republican that had money started to immigrate to Texas. In-migration changing drastically in the state of Texas and they started to lose democrat and this why we have more republicans now. The vote in Texas is divided into democratic and republican voter but republicans outnumber democrat each year.
It affects the patterns because the lower part of Texas is voting for democrat and the upper part of Texas votes for republican win against the minority. The rest of states chose based on the circumstances. If a republican president messes up the states will choose another opponent that is not republican. Texas stays republican no matter the issue.
1789 Only 6% of the population can vote.
1790 Only white male adult property-owners have the right to vote.
1810 Last religious prerequisite for voting is eliminated.
1850 Property ownership and tax requirements eliminated, and almost all adult white males could vote.
1855 Connecticut adopts the nation 's first literacy test for voting. Massachusetts follows suit in 1857. The tests were implemented to discriminate against Irish-Catholic immigrants.
1870 The 15th Amendment is passed. It gives former slaves the right to vote and protects the voting rights of adult male citizens of any race.
1889 Florida adopts a poll tax. Ten other southern states will implement poll taxes.
1890 Mississippi adopts a literacy test to keep African Americans from voting. Numerous other

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