America 's First Amendment And Freedom Of Religion Essay example

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America the land of the free and the home of the brave! America, as described and viewed both socially and politically is, in terms, a growing land of opportunity, a land of many peoples and immigrants, a country that proudly boasts of its freedoms. To many, America is a nation that was primarily founded on religion; to others, on freedom from religion. Whatever the argument may be to this day, America’s first amendment and freedom of religion is one of the most important, yet controversial topics. Like most of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, freedom of religion is a flexible right that American citizens can learn to adapt to their situation. Granted by the first amendment, citizens are allowed to freely practice, or to not practice a religion. However, Americans have learned to hate the enemy, as politicians and war leaders have influenced the public’s view of race and religion to enforce certain views about wars and policies over the years.
One prime example of how the government has used this tactic to generate the general public’s support to carry out their policies can be found within World War II and the Cold War, respectively. During these these two twentieth century events, the nation encouraged the public’s support to carry out a war and launch itself as a superpower nation during the Cold War. Fighting Germany and the Axis Powers in WWII would not have been possible without America’s citizen support. During this time of war, the common American…

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