America 's Fight For Freedom Essay

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1. I do think that there is such a thing as a just war. However, I also believe that truly just wars are very rare. It is also in many ways a matter of perspective. In many wars both sides believe that they are fighting for the right reason, but in a just war one side has to be more right than the other. I do believe that Scotland’s fight for independence was a just war, because they were fighting for their freedom. However, sometimes people fight in a just war for the wrong reason. I do not believe that William Wallace, as he is portrayed in Braveheart, was fighting for the right reasons. He was not fighting for the freedom of his country or people. Wallace wanted revenge for the death of his wife and that is not a just reason to wage war.
2. I believe that there are a few reasons a war would be considered just. A fight for freedom and independence from a tyrannical government that is oppressing its people would be a valid reason to wage war. I also believe that fighting to regain lands that were unjustly taken and defending yourself an unwarranted attack would also be just reasons for a war. Scotland’s reasons for fighting the war were just. The crown of Scotland had been claimed by King Edward of England, a crown that he did not have the right to it. He was a tyrant and treated the people horribly. I believe that this gave a good and moral reason to fight back and regain their freedom. Revenge, on the other hand, is not a good reason for a war. That is why I…

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