America 's Fight Against The War On Drugs Essay

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The Drug War is commonly known as America’s fight against the use and distribution of drugs. The most common amongst those drugs includes marijuana, methamphetamines, and cocaine. The war on drugs affects Americans in many different aspects, which include U.S. domestic policy, socio-economic effects, and public support or opposition to the war. As the drug war’s economic and social affects force us to question our political system, the ongoing disagreement of whether the war on drugs should continue or not remains. When it comes to U.S domestic policy, the U.S. has a long history of implementing laws or consequences among those who are arrested for drug use. The first drug law was passed in San Francisco in 1875, which banned the smoking of opium. Since then, many criminals who are arrested are incarcerated for a period of time as well. Criminals may also face collateral consequences upon being convicted of drug offenses. These collateral consequences may include denial of the criminal to many public benefits such as educational benefits, their driver’s license, access to public housing, food stamps, and other benefits that provide necessities of life. Unfortunately, the impact of these penalties tends to fall on minorities. Oftentimes these consequences weigh heavy on the shoulders of the criminal, and interfere with former prisoners’ ability to re-enter society and support themselves without reoffending. With that being said, the problem of racial discrimination emerges…

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