America 's Fast Food Over Healthy Food Essay

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In the last few decades, obesity has been on the rise; putting people at risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, and several forms of cancer. Two thirds of adults and one third of children in the United States are overweight (Hall). The cost of fast food has gone down, and the price of healthy food has gone up. This is one of the many reasons people in America choose fast food over healthy food. Obesity can cause mental, physical, and emotional problems in a person’s life, making it more difficult to do everyday tasks. We can put a stop to obesity by eating healthy, working out, and getting the right amount of sleep.
One of the simplest ways to end obesity is just by eating healthy. This gives your body more energy and you have fewer calories to burn. Eating healthy also makes you feel good because you know exactly what you are putting into your body. People that eat healthy are in a better mood than those who eat poorly, this is because fast food and junk food have preservatives in them that aren’t good for you. Preservatives slow you down and make you feel sluggish. Poor eating habits can really affect a person in the long run and change their lifestyle. For example, metabolism plays a cogent role in determining an individual’s weight. A person’s resting metabolism rate refers to the amount of energy the body is capable of burning when not engaged in physical activity. Resting metabolism accounts for approximately 70 percent of the calories we burn every day.…

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