America 's Existential Crisis : America Essay

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America’s Existential Crisis

America is perceived as a powerful nation based on the fundamental rights and protection of all people, but, for some, it seems less like a reality than an unrealistic fantasy. For those who fall underneath the description of “the minority", it seems to be a continuous battle for basic freedoms. The country as a whole seems in constant fear of attack from foreign and domestic sources. With threats of war constantly teetering over our heads and violent social conflicts, the country is entering a period of distrust and maelstrom in everyday society.
In the past few years, social equality has been called into question on numerous accounts. The country seems divided by the accusations brought to light. Perhaps the most prevalent in today’s news would be the Black Lives Matter movement. This is often reinstated as a movement when an unarmed African American is killed by a white police officer. The most recent case was an African American by the name of Terence Crutcher shot by a white female police officer named Betty Shelby. This occurred on September 9th, in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Video shows). The video shows Crutcher moving to his vehicle (hands in the air) with police following him. People were outraged, as can be expected. As a result of these numerous injustices, a grief-stricken country has resorted to violent protests.
For this reason, it came as little surprise when Charlotte, North Carolina was decimated only two weeks ago. When Keith…

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