America 's End Of The Civil War Essay

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America has not always the great country we have been lead to believe. Since the end of the civil war, racism against blacks grew greater and greater with every passing day making it harder for these people to live their lives. This leads to the unfair treatment of immigrants trying to find a new life in America after being pushed out of their countries by poverty, revolution, and starvation. These events happen with an incompetent government only interested in doing anything to benefit itself. America has treated the people living within and arriving at the country with discrimination with an incompetent government.
Many people suffered continues from racism even after Abraham Lincoln addressed the emancipation proclamation. In fact, the newly freed slaves got their first taste of freedom after the Emancipation Proclamation had it all ripped away from them once Andrew Johnson took office. During his time in office, he "put into effect his plan of Reconstruction" with governments "elected by white voters only" in the south. These newly formed states took it upon themselves to create a south as close to slavery as possible; thus the birth of the Black Codes. For example, sec. 6 allowed blacks to quit their jobs if they choose to do so, but they forfeit any and all earnings of that year in the process, and sec. 1 allowed blacks to sue or be sued but restricted their ability to rent land to others. While many blacks in the south faced racism, some still owned by their masters…

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