Essay on America 's Education System Education

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The last couple of weeks have been very interesting when it comes to understanding the subject of (English education). There seems to be so many contradictions according to the articles we have read. At times I have felt both “confused” and “frustrated” because I am just beginning to understand how overwhelming America’s education system really is. It is obvious to me, based on the readings from the past two weeks, that classroom teachers and legislators have different goals for students. I wonder if politics and standards will always get in the way of students educational experience. Students need to be able to learn how to read and write in a way that is beneficial to them. I believe there is a process of creativity and discovery that is being devalued by our educational system. The creative process of discovery and making connections to literature is being bombarded by the requirements of data driven assessments. The problems involved with English education start with standards, data driven assessments, and the decline of student teacher relationships. The standards that are enforced in English education have left many teachers wondering if the students are really the main principal to be focused on in the classroom, or is it the standards? According to the article by P.L Tomas, Standards, Standards Everywhere, “Standards- driven instruction and assessment, especially concerning reading and writing, represent an oppressive system that does more to inhibit…

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