America 's Education : A Social Construction Created By Man Essay

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Race is a social construction created by man. This construction has caused society to assume that different tones of skin posses specific qualities. We are taught to stereotype, discriminate, and treat individuals as less than human because of appearance. Throughout history black Americans have had to suffer, from slavery to the constant discrimination within the American society. America continues to deny the mistreatment of African Americans and denies the issues with “white privilege.” Black Americans are constantly mistreated and are not given equal treatment in education, wealth, and social status. Although America’s education system appears to provide equal education for all races; educational inequality within America affects black middle-class Americans in High School.

The effects of educational inequality in American High Schools.
Black, High School, middle-class, teens, in America, do not receive equal education. Segregation was thought to have been eliminated on May 17, 1954, in America, yet we continue to live in a divided country where education remains unequal. Education is not equal between races and although some Americans may claim segregation is no longer a current issue in America, “for all the progress in improving educational outcomes among African-American children, the achievement gaps between more affluent and less privileged children is wider than ever, notes Sean Reardon of the Center for Education Policy Analysis at Stanford”(Porter). The…

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