America 's Democracy : American Democracy Essay

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America’s Democracy American democracy is viewed as one of the most developed type of government in the globe. Be that as it may, the democracy system is not considered as the perfect type of government. Despite the criticism that many society have upon our American national government, the foundation of the Constitution upholds our nation’s integrity and continuation of democracy. The contention is that American democracy has created because Americans accept its fundamental ideas. Indeed, to the general public, which is assorted in a type of interests, assessments, and convictions, democratic form of government would be perfect. In order to understand how the American democracy has developed, I would reflect on areas upon which the concepts of American democracy are based. These include the constitution, federalism, the branches of government and interest groups. To start I will go over the main foundation of democracy which started with the constitution.
The Constitution The one major strength of the U.S. Constitution is the Bill of Rights. With the idea from the Anti-Federalists, the Bill of Rights was ratified within the Constitution to serve the states’ and the people’s rights of freedom from the national government. With the power of the Bill of Rights, the national government will not possess enough power creating a tyrannical government. As mentioned on USA.GOV, “It guarantees greater constitutional protection for individual liberties and lists specific…

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