America 's Decision For Declare War On Germany Essay

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America’s decision to declare war on Germany in 1917 was not just decided by one factor. One of the factors was the German naval policy. Unrestricted submarine warfare had a major impact on war. This was announced by Germany on January 9th, 1917. Unrestricted submarine warfare was the practice of of using a submarine in the attack of any type of enemy shipping. The German government wanted to stop most of the shipping that came from Britain, and to do so they would of had to do it by what they called U-boats. President Woodrow Wilson went before the Senate on April 2, 1917, to ask for a declaration of war on Germany. Two days later on the date of April 4, 1917, the House declined to make declaration on Germany. On December 7, 1917 , the United States declared war on the German ally of Austria-Hungary. Germany violated America’s request to stop the unrestricted submarine warfare in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Other things that would have brought America into World War I would have been allied propaganda. Propaganda was starting to be used for many things in the years leading up to World War I. Things like to buy a certain product or to even vote a certain way at the polls. Propaganda for war was different, most of it tried to make the other country or set of nations to be looked down upon. Propaganda started as a type of journalism that was called “Yellow Journalism”, which was used in the war between America and Spain over the freedom of Cuba and the…

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