America 's Current State Of Affairs, And Jack And David Cahn Essay

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(1)The generation of millennials are changing our world in many different ways, either for better or worse. They are commonly viewed as self-preserved, selfish, incoherent, narcissistic, and spoiled. Older generations fear that because the millennial’s political views are much different from democrats and republicans, that it may cause a revolution and therefore both older and future generations will suffer. Ron Fournier argues that millennials will destroy Washington’s current state of affairs, and Jack and David Cahn help support this claim in a similar perspective. Both Fournier and Cahn and Cahn use several types of development strategies, purpose strategies, appeals and various other techniques to persuade their audience to believe that Millennials are indeed in charge of the future, and their actions will cost us. This Cahn “manifesto” extends Fournier’s logical conclusion about revolutionary, or worse, millennial political goals.
(2)As an individual, every person has the right to their own self-preservation, as it is best preserved by peace, according to an English philosopher named Thomas Hobbes. We are very much aware of the fact that millennials are becoming more individualistic, and try their very best to avoid any harm in their own best interest. It is beneficial to that certain individual, since they are protecting themselves for their own good. However, collective self-preservation is critical at this time. As a whole, we do not want an entire generation to be…

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