Essay America 's Current Prison System

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America’s current prison system
I remember when I was younger, going to the prison to visit my sister. All my memories of her were talking through a glass window and writing letters to her. I think back on how she missed all the family events, all the memories we had, she was not able to be there with the rest of us. Although she was innocent, she was framed and was charged for many years in prison. Her lawyer helped out as much as he could, but it never worked. I knew my sister was innocent because she would not even hurt a fly, yet alone commit a crime. My sister is one out of hundreds of examples of the prisoners suffering now, “America 's prison population has increased sharply over the past several decades due to what many claim is a broken criminal justice system” (Yates). One out of every 100 American is locked up in prison. America has the largest prison population. “We’re always going to have prisons and we 're always going to have crime, but many states are starting to rethink their drug policies, their sentencing laws” (Mauer). Even though some people believe that the prison system does not have any problems, America’s current prison system is ineffective because the system judges people and does not take interest in problems that need to be solved, prisoners are treated badly in prison, and after being released they lose a lot of opportunities in life.
The system judges people and does not take interest in problems that need to be solved. Innocent people get…

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