Essay about America 's Addicted Nation : Addiction

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America the Addicted Nation
Addiction is a lethal epidemic that plagues modern America. It is prevalent amongst all strata of society, and has no regard for race, color, ethnicity, or gender. It affects rich and poor, young and old, the educated and the ignorant. It comes in myriad varieties and takes on numerous forms. Some appear visibly harmful; others bear far more subtle implications. While it is undeniable that certain addictions invite more dangers than others—such as those that wreak havoc upon a person’s body or mind—many addictions are covert, expressed simply as incessant repetitions of an action or in the persistent nagging of a thought that preoccupies an individual’s mind regardless of its appropriateness or lack thereof. Yet, regardless of the blatant or benign appearance of addiction, the fact that devastating ramifications invariably occur in its wake is inescapably evident.
Two main forms of addiction exist, and under these two broad categories all addictive tendencies and varieties may be categorized. They are chemical addictions and behavioral addictions. Arguably, the most prevalent in modern America are illicit drugs, pill popping, alcohol, food, social media, computer games, sex, addiction to war, thrill seeking, over the counter drugs, addictions to working out, to playing computer games, and to watching television. Indeed, the list appears extensive. Still, it is by no means comprehensive. In reality, any substance unnecessarily ingested or any…

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