America 's A Post Racial Era Essay

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On November 4, 2008, the United States of America reached a pivotal moment in its history when the first African-American assumed the presidency. Americans all across the nation had renewed senses of hope for change, and many even took to the streets to celebrate. In the midst of these celebrations, some people went as far to say that the election of Barack Hussein Obama meant that a post-racial era had finally been reached and that race no longer dictated someone’s quality of life. But while Americans equated a post-racial America with the elimination of racism I suggest otherwise. A colorblind approach to viewing society in fact ignores individual identity and devalues communities. It is only by acknowledging stories - all stories - that we can truly embrace our national diversity and move towards eliminating racism.
Metro columnist for Cleveland, Phillip Morris, proclaimed on November 5 in his article “America Begins Its Journey into a Post-racial Era”:
Tuesday, this nation unburdened itself of the albatross of race… Obama gives us a new way of looking at race - or better yet, an evolving reason not to consider race at all. America has done its part… Without a blink of an eye, we have just boldly ushered in a new, post-racial era. Race will continue to matter to some, of course. But its importance is diminished…America has completed its evolution into a racial meritocracy.

Furthermore, author John McWhorter wrote an article dubbed “Racism in America is Over” in Forbes…

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