America 's A Nation Of Immigrants Essay

1232 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
It is no surprise that the United States of America has become a nation of immigrants. It has become a nation in which people of all races, nationalities, and religions are accepted into society. America has been claimed “the land of the free”. It is even in America’s national anthem. Furthermore, for hundreds of years, America has accepted immigrants into her home. During the time of the persecution of the Puritans with King Henry the VIII and again when the Irish came to America in hope of a better life, it seems that America was always there to give a helping hand for those who needed it. That is, how America is meant to be, however, and many people do not like to admit that. People avoid this idea in fear of what would happen if certain people would enter within our nation, but they have forgotten what it means to be human. As a humans we need to extend our helping hand to these people and allow our nation to continue to offer a better life to certain people who cannot obtain it from their homeland. We need to allow people to have the same opportunity that each of us have. However, controversy has sprung up over the fact if allowing refugees to settle within the cozy borders of America is safe for Americans. Americans and America’s leaders are concerned with who to allow within their borders. They question if they are allowing the correct people into America. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has his famous idea of “building a wall” to stop Mexicans from entering…

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