Essay on America Was Destined By God

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Manifest Destiny rested on the idea that America was destined-by God and by history- to expand its boundaries over a vast area. By the 1840s the idea had spread throughout the nation with the publications of the “penny press.” Advocates of the Manifest Destiny envisioned a vast new empire of liberty and although the empire did grow it were not benevolent. Evidence to support this claim lie in the national expansions, relocation of inhabitants and the opportunities the government pursued at the expense of others. Although the initial ideology did come from good intentions, it ultimately led to divisions within the country.
National expansions began with the Louisiana Purchase on April 30, 1803. After some haggling over the price, Livingston and Monroe signed an agreement with Napoleon. Not long after the Louisiana territory was organized with the assumption that I would one day be divided into states. Although the Louisiana expansion was mostly peaceful, the acquisition of Spanish Florida was anything but tranquil. In 1810, American settlers in West Florida seized the Spanish, with the threat of force, for at Baton Rouge and asked the federal government to annex the territory to the United States. President Madison agreed and continued the plans to acquire the rest of Florida. By 1820, American pioneers had established many frontier settlements as far west as the Mississippi River. The build-up of the West gave rise to changes in American politics. Americans also settled in…

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