America Together Piece By Piece Essay

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Glueing America Together Piece by Piece In every country, there is a glue that prevents the country from falling apart. This glue is the government. Without government, there would be no trials, no ways to make decisions, and not even any laws. The entire country would become crazed because there is no way to stop murders or other criminals and no way to fight a war so the country could easily be taken over. Anytime a new country is formed, one of the first subjects that must be dealt with is always the government, and this is exactly what the colonies do in the New World. From the very beginning of the formation of the colonies around the 1600s, a government is being formed. One of the first governments that is set up is a localized government. Unlike the colonies mother country, England, the colonies do not have their own parliament or King. Instead, the original government is set up with England’s King at the top of the government. After the King comes the Royal Governor; a leader that has the same privilege when he is speaking as the King does. Following the Royal Governor is actually a legislature similar to what the Untied States has today. The legislature is split into two parts. The first part is the House of Burgesses, which is similar to the House of Representatives and the second part is the Governors’ Council which is similar to the Senate. Although there is a legislature, its purpose is not to make laws. The true purpose of the legislature is to raise taxes.…

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