America, The Land Of Opportunity And Freedom Essay

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America, the land of opportunity and freedom! It is this concept that often defines our culture when discussing American history. However, the availability of opportunity and freedom was not equal. How one interprets the building of the nation and the American Empire can be debated based on one’s own circumstances. Race, wealth, and social standing contributed to how much access one had to the “American dream”. The 13 colonies and the “New World” were based on inalienable rights and self-government. These immigrants created the United States of America in 1776 by declaring independence from Great Britain. The colonization of these territories, the beginning of the American Empire, must be viewed from both the perspective of the colonizer as well as those already occupying the land. Seeing the bigger picture, an altruistic goal of a better place for all mankind depends on the view you take. The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal. It can be said that this is extremely hypocritical in the context of how men of different races were actually treated. For example, all men are created equal unless you are Native American and we want your land for “progress” and our own colonization. In that case your rights, culture, and life may be at risk. This denial of rights was not exclusive to Native Americans. African Americans were seen as property and slavery was condoned denying the entire black race their freedom. While it can be seen as…

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