`` America Skips School `` Essay

889 Words Nov 10th, 2016 4 Pages
In today’s society, education equals freedom. Without putting forth more effort to properly educate children, the children will be easy prey for any person trying to persuade them. While many people do talk about the educational crisis in America, there is no effort from those people to change the situation. Benjamin Barber delves deeper into the problem in his article “America Skips School.” Barber explains exactly how American children have become intellectually inferior and supplies ideas to fix the situation. Adults’ apathy to fix the educational situation and their true pedagogues’ influence cause children to become intellectually inferior. Americans’ unwillingness to take responsibility disregards the value of education and fails to provide a solution to the situation. Many American adults blame children by assuming the crisis resulted from children’s lack of effort. Blaming the children for the educational crisis demonstrates that even though they talk about the situation, the adults do not want to help fix the issue or provide responsibility for it. Barber’s article portrays the blaming of children as a major failure for the older generation: “Others turn on the kids themselves, so that at the same moment as we are transferring our responsibilities to the shoulders of the next generation, we are blaming them for our own generation’s most conspicuous failure” (Barber, 2014, p. 210). This “transfer of responsibilities” Barber refers to not only keeps the…

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