America Should Not Lower The Drinking Age Essay

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When the first taste of adulthood reaches the lips of the newly-turned adult, he wants to experience all the new responsibilities and privileges that come with this stepping stone. In the spur of the moment, he gets a tattoo without his parent’s consent, smokes his first cigarette, and somehow manages to get his hands on a beer. Although he may not be able to legally drink, he gives little thought to the next action he takes: drinking the alcohol. Barely adults, 18-year-olds lack fully developed brains to make clear, rational decisions; however, they now possess the opportunities to engage in marriage and join the military. Adding the ability to drink alcohol with these newfound prospects for 18-year-olds will negatively affect society. The US should not lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 because of the traffic accident trend among newly-legal drinkers, increased susceptibility to violent crimes in bars, and medical consequences on developing brains.

The traffic accident trend for newly-legal drinkers will most likely shift toward the younger ages of 18-20 if the drinking age is lowered. During the early 1970’s, many US states lowered their legal drinking age down to 18, 19, and 20 before a research revealed evidence that traffic accidents increased among the youth after lowering the legal drinking age. In result, US citizens advocated to return the legal age back to 21 (Wagenaar and Toomey 1). If this event recurs, the trend for more accidents among newly-legal…

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