America Needs Stricter Gun Control Essay

1365 Words Jun 21st, 2016 null Page
America needs stricter gun control in our communities. Because mental ill people are getting hold of guns and killing innocent people for no reason. America makes it easy for anyone to walk into a gun store, buy it and even thorough they do background checks the mentally disturb are still able to purchase these guns and do as they please. As an American citizen the laws need to be a lot harder and a lot stricter on who can purchase a gun.

On June the 10th of 2016 in Orlando, Florida a crazed gunman opened up fire on a young singer who was doing a meet and greet. After her concert and out of nowhere a man shot her point blank and killed her. Then he turned the gun on himself and killed his self. Where he got the gun from I really can’t say. But he was mentally disturb and shot this poor girl for no reason the singer name was Christina Grimme and she was only 22 years old. This girl had her whole life and career ahead of her. And it was cut short due to a man having a gun on him and not being stable at all. This girl had competed on the voice and although she didn’t won first place she was in the top 3 finishing at 3rd so she had a real bright future ahead of herself. There is still no motive to why the gunman did this at all.

On June the 12th of 2016 another crazed man in America decide to set his terror plain out on a gay club just down the street from Christina gimme was shot and killed. The club was called the pulse and it’s a well-known…

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