America Is The Best Country For Getting A College Degree Essay

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America Is the Best Country for Getting a College Degree
Students from all around the world try their best to come and attend college here in the United States, regardless of how hard they need to work, how much money they have to pay, and how many obstacles they have to face in order to make it here and get acceptance from any university in America. As an international student attending an American University, I know how colleges in America look like as well as colleges on the other side of the world, especially in the Middle East.
The United States is one of the largest and most developed countries in the world. It has a powerful government, strong military, and it is well regulated through laws and policies. America also has a great history, social structure, political power, and acceptance of religious freedom. All this and many other factors play a role in making America a great place for studying and getting a good education.
One of the main reasons that makes American Universities great is good teachers and professors. They deliver the information in a way that makes it easy on the student to understand and remember the all the important concepts and ideas. Also, these professors care about their students, encourage them to study and provide helpful tools for them so they can get good grades in their classes. Additionally, in American universities, students get graded based on how much they study and how well they do in their homework and exams. Jonathan R. Cole,…

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