Essay about America Is Like The Garden Of Eden

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Oprah Winfrey, a popular talk show host and American icon rose to acquire a successful future despite the challenges in her adolescence. Throughout her childhood, Oprah was abused by her father and her family could not obtain the money to provide meals, clothes or a good education for the children of the Winfrey family. Today, Oprah has exceeded all expectations and is now considered one of the most influential women and a role model to people around the globe. Like Oprah overcame her hardships, all three pre colonial groups overcame oppression in order to overcome the American dream. Throughout the short stories, Native Americans present the idea that America is like the Garden of Eden. African American works describe how individuality is celebrated. Finally, European explorers share how the future is better than the past by describing the opportunities available. In conclusion, all early American people add to the ideas of the American dream.
To begin, Native Americans use strong description words describe the abundant nature, repetition to show symbolism, and use vivid imagery that relates to America as a Garden of Eden. Furthermore, Native Americans use strong description words to portray the perfect society that the Native Americans call America. For example the Native people use words that relate back to the original creation story while also using symbolism such as deer and the forest. The use of these strong words correlates with the symbolism which also goes along…

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