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America is in The Heart by Carlos Bulosan: A book Review
America is in the Heart is classical memoir by Carlos Bulosan, a Filipino poet, that was first published in 1943. It describes his boyhood in the Philippines, his expedition to America, and his year of struggles and despair as a young laborer harvesting farms in the rural West. Carlos is the fourth oldest son in his family, and he lived with his father while his mother lived in the city of Binalonan with his brother and sister. He has never met some of his brothers as they departed from the village before he was born. He hears of the great American dream and he starts to raise money to go to America. However, on arrival he discovers the dream is hard to accomplish than he had hoped.
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Together with his brothers, Carlos believed that America is the land of equality. After migrating, he realized the dream of achieving a better life was not easy. His way of thinking, when he reached “the promised land”, was constructed around the idea that if he wanted to become American, he would have to find the way. Not only that, be he described that being in America made him feel “good and safe”. Moreover, He faced many challenges, including doing menial jobs, living in filthy conditions, and being attacked physically. The challenges were mostly associated with racism and prejudice against not only African Americans, but people of other non-white races in the United States. However, he refused to be pushed behind by pond of desire and negativity. Then, as his days flourish in the country, he comes to the shift of thinking and the realization that through the effort of those who are willing to fight, America has the potential to evolve and serve as a nation for all who abide in it. He corrects his vision of how he viewed America to be the greatest place in the world, to a place that is a working progress for those who are inspired and willing to put in the work to make that happen. He had a strong belief in the American dream, which no one could destroy. The inspiration of his dream lived and I believe that he understood that the dream and pursuit of happiness is ideal for believing in the American

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