America Is A Speeding Train Essay

785 Words Sep 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
The US in the past has been known for its innovations, for the wide variety of cultures and races, and or motivation for greatness. Although those things mostly still apply today, America is a speeding train following the tracks straight over a broken bridge and the conductor does not know how to use the brakes. The US has become a country of foul behavior regarding our melting pot of cultures and the people once praised for their differences are now being shunned and treated unfairly. The educational systems is failing and the subjects the US once exceeded in is slowly declining and students are struggling to make up for it. Also, the economy is failing and the national deficit is only growing with each passing day with no end in sight. Is it possible that the country will be able to denounce its stubborn ways and be able to stop the train before it plummets over the edge of the broken bridge?
The US’s behavior is falling to an entirely new low, the country as a whole is discriminating against the people and cultures that make it unique, the golden rule of treating others the way that you also wish to be treated has failed. Not only are different races being treated as second class citizens but so are children in, classes by their own peers, people of different sexualities, and even the middle class that are struggling. The US has become a country that is so against itself and uncivilized that it has turned against its own citizens. Some examples of this are police becoming…

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