America Is A Nation Of Immigrants Essay

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America is a nation of immigrants, no one doubts that. However, as a child of first generation immigrants, I did not live in a tight-knit immigrant community, and my parents did not bring many elements of their home culture into the house. I grew up listening to American music, learning American history, and my friends were predominantly non-Asian. As a result, I never understood much about my parents’ background, and Taiwanese culture. Sensing my curiosity about my background (perhaps from the number of questions I began asking them), the summer before I left for college, our family visited Taiwan for the first time in 6 years. My parents also saw this as an opportunity to enroll me in the Overseas Compatriot Youth Formosa Study Tour, informally known as the Love Boat, a four-week summer program for college-aged Taiwanese born outside of Taiwan. This tour helped reacquaint participants with Taiwanese culture and language, by enrolling in brief language/art courses, learning popular Taiwanese songs, and visiting important cultural centers such as the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA)("A More Complete Description of Loveboat."). My experience at the Beijing opera performed by the TNUA has led me to believe that every immigrant child should receive some similar education in their culture, as it greatly contributes to a clarified sense of identity and unity. Our visit to the TNUA included a tour of the campus, and a visit to the museum behind the performing arts…

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