Essay on America Is A Ideal Body Image

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When children are young they are told that America is the greatest country to live in. There could never be a country greater than America because we offer freedom, a luxury most countries do not have. As people grow up they begin to realize America is not as great as they were told. Everyone was taught that America was the safest country in the world, nothing can ever happen to them. In reality, America is not even one of the top twenty-five safest countries (“Safest Countries,” 2015). People have to protect themselves from so many things. Social standards, racial comments, body-shamming, drinking and driving, the expectation that everyone is always going to be nice, and so much more. America is the land of the free, but it is not the land of the great. One of the biggest issues in todays world is the ideal body image. Not everyone is going to be a size double zero with huge boobs and a fat butt. Some people are heavier, some people are fighting anorexia. Magazine are always giving ways for people to lose weight instantly, or ways to have the perfect summer body. There is thousands of creams out there to hide stretch marks and cellulite. Stretch marks are a natural thing that happens to someones body and no one should ever be ashamed of them. Stretch marks can simply come from being pregnant, and that is nothing to hide. People also get stretch marks from their skin rapidly stretching out from working out trying to get a better body. God gave people their body for a…

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