America Is A Country And A Great Place At Live Essay

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America is a wonderful country and a great place to live, but we are faced with several problems in America today. We face the challenges of unemployment, warfare, industry automation, and a huge national debt, but if we can overcome these challenges we can work towards a brighter future. If we utilize the visions that America’s most powerful young minds and our vision for America.

A problem that we face in America today is unemployment. The reason why unemployment is so prevalent in America today is that America’s industries are moving overseas to find cheaper labor. We could solve this problem by instituting an international minimum wage. If instituted, this would mean around the world everyone who would work would make at least that wage, so companies would stop moving overseas to find cheaper labor, because it would be no cheaper to hire a worker in a foreign country than to hire an American worker. This would create a large amount of jobs and would thus drop the unemployment rate.Unemployment is a huge problem in America, but what about the issue of warfare?

The country of the United States of America has been involved in many wars over the past few centuries. Quite recently, we have engaged in a war on terror that calls for a lot of the nation’s budget and claims the lives of many soldiers. We are on the right track though, by using attack drones. My vision is that in the future, we will no longer have any living human beings on the battlefield. What do I mean by…

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