America Has Long Had A Gun Control Problem Essay

1010 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
America has long had a gun control problem. Every week now it seems like there’s another school shooting or another person on a shooting rampage. Then after it is over the same debate comes up every time. The debate on controlling guns and making sure they do not get into the wrong hands. Once, after a few weeks go by and what happened is out of people’s minds, momentum for controlling guns gets lost as time goes on. It dies down and people are not thinking about it until the next one occurs. Controlling guns, and eventually the shootings that come along with them is going to take more than just laws specific to guns. It will take focusing on who is getting the guns; the mentally ill, people who are not sane, felons, and people with radicalized views. Despite law makers trying to pass gun control laws, nothing concrete has gone through in the last 20 years, and without an increase in gun control, focusing on who is getting the guns, how to talk about control, and what laws have been passed and have not been passed, shootings and mass murders will continue to be a daily part of American’s lives.

Control and laws over guns isn’t the only thing that needs to be done. Focus needs to be put on who is actually getting the guns. “Evidence strongly suggests that mass shooters are often mentally ill and socially marginalized” (Metzi 240). What Metzi and MacLeish are saying is that in order for gun control to actually work, mental illnesses need to be better identified and handled…

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