America Has A Rich History Essay

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America has a rich history that began many years ago when Europeans ventured to the New World. When the first of them arrived to this place that was so unfamiliar, they soon realized that they were not alone. There were already many people living in the land and they, too, have a rich history that has shaped who they are today. Who were these people? What was their culture like? And more importantly, what are they like today? (Not sure, but is it OK to end a sentence in "like", or to begin a sentence with "And"? It actually sounds good, flows well and may be fine. Like how you would say it if you were talking. How about...What was their culture? More importantly, what are they like today?) In order to discuss what they are like today, it is first important to look back and consider their history in detail. The people who originally dwelt in what is today called North America made up a widely diverse body. Among the seven to ten million people estimated living in North America, there were more than 400 languages spoken and the same number, if not more, separate societies among these people in the area of what is today the United States (Hirschfelder 8). Contrary to the Europeans who observed these people when they came over, the Natives chose their leaders based on abilities rather than bloodlines. Conflicts between tribes were usually quickly resolved with few lives lost (Hirschfelder 8). When the Europeans arrived, Natives initially welcomed them and desired to trade…

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