Essay on America: Dumbing Down Our Students

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America: Dumbing Down Our Students Back in the day, school was a place to learn. It was a place to get smart. Now it has turned into a psychological headquarters. It is like America is saying, “Who cares, as long as our students feel good about themselves.” Schools have stopped teaching important facts. Some teachers do not feel their students need to know what was taught back in the day. According to Charles J. Sykes, “In a 1990 survey of college seniors, 42 percent couldn’t name the dates of the War Between the States within half a century” ( Sykes, 4). Why don’t our teachers care anymore about teaching about important events or even science? Many of them have said it is because they just are not useful facts. I would have to disagree. …show more content…
Some might come from bad homes and never get the learning that they need from their parents. The school must step up and help these students learn. They are our future America. According to Charles J. Sykes, “American students are unable to effectively compete with the rest of the industrialized world, because our schools teach less, expect less, and settle for less than do those of other countries” (Sykes, 9). I know what it takes to become a teacher. I am in the process of my degree to that career. It is hard work. I would not want to go through all these years of school and learning just to walk into my future classroom and not teach my students something profitable. As a college student, I would not want my professors to help my social skills or make me feel good about myself. Yes, those play a little key in learning, but that is not why I am in college. I want my professors to teach me the skills I need to make it in the real world. I want them to make me the best I can be my stretching my knowledge of different subjects. On the other side of this argument, some think that teaching the children of American is the parent’s responsibility. Some say it is their duties and rights. This is why homeschooling is becoming popular. Parents are realizing that they want their kids to get a good education under their supervision and guidance. I would still have to argue that America has placed schools in place

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