America And Vietnam Vs. Vietnam Essay

730 Words May 25th, 2016 3 Pages
Culture has been call the journey of life of all of us because it makes us only from others. The culture, beliefs and manner of the people are dissimilar. However, as the world grow more global, and as community become more open to different cultures, the differences between them seem to be contraction. America and Vietnam are two countries with many differences. There are several differences between America and Vietnam, specifically, lifestyle , food and the education system.
First of all, the American lifestyle is more open than the Vietnamese lifestyle. As the living of the American, people would like to move out of their parent’s house when they are eighteen. They would like to decide everything by themselves, and want to have more personal right or freedom. It can be caused because of the American society; the independent and freedom country. The American typical can be said as an early independent personality compared with Vietnamese immature people. In Vietnam, everyone would like to live with their parents until they get wedded. Even when they get wedded, the two would like to live in the spouse’s family. The Vietnamese citizens would like to live together or around the near area. There are two or three generations that live in the same house. It helps to resolve a lot of problems such as baby sister, or the expenses for the supplies and the equipment. People are more able to meet develop needs from child care to eldercare, and divide the bills. It’s also a excellent…

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