America And The Progressive Tax System Essay

1192 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
Taxes in America and the progressive tax system we have been using for years are in need of a change that will be more beneficial to all Americans. Today the existing tax system runs in a way that benefits the rich excuses the poor and favors the hardworking middle class American who struggles the most. If you aren’t a tax professional than paying your taxes can be very hard and confusing because If you don’t know all the tax rules and regulations and don’t understand the exemptions and credits than you lose out on a lot of money this should not be the case have seen it right before my own eyes paying your taxes is really on who you know and how well they know how to navigate this complex system and turn it around, with so many exemptions and credits and hidden breaks ad loopholes the road for corruption is wide and most abuse this to the limit.. There are far too many tax cuts breaks credits limits and not only that but the way we are being taxed is bias and harsh. The government and our law makers should definitely be able to come up with a system that better suits all the people in it while still being beneficial to economic growth and stimulus of the economy. Currently many Americans living under the poverty level do not need to pay taxes and are covered by tax credits I believe that we should still keep some of these credits because to change them would do more harm than good. Surely the government and its people can come up with a better system that still protects…

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