America And The Great War Essay

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America and the Great War The causes that ultimately led to World War I started in central Europe late June of 1914, it included intertwined factors. These factors consisted of many conflicts and hostilities which after about four decades, undoubtedly lead up to the war. Many other factors also played major roles, amongst them being imperialism, militarism, nationalism and alliances. Another culprit that led to WWI was the competition between Austria-Hungary, Russia and Serbia for more influence and territory in the region. This was ultimately what ended up pulling the rest of the Great Powers into the conflict via their various alliances and treaties.

Credited for leading the Great Powers to partake in this unprecedented war was nationalism, imperialism and militarism. Due to the various alliances and treaties, many of the nation’s reactions where aggressive mostly in efforts to defend the alliances and agreements made. The common belief at the time was that enduring military forces should be cultivated to defend the interest of the ally nations. Militarism was a dash to amass armies during nationalism. This was maintained with a high financial burden, but was unavoidable for building up the military. This was an illustration of militarism in which played a large role in World War I. Subsequently, to win the war a strong army with assets and support was imperative especially with the military alliance system causing country after country to declare war. Germany, was…

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